How Farm Manuals Fast Works

Would you rather have the information that you need now or later?

We sell digital operator's manuals.  You can download them directly from the internet and use the information from them instantly.

View Instantly

There are no shipping costs and no waiting.  Just pay for the manual and download it directly from the internet.  Look at the example manual to the right to see how easy it is.

Find Instantly

All of our manuals are searchable.  This means that you can search for any keyword and find all the times that keyword is used in the manual.

Rather than searching the index for a specific piece of information all you have to do is use the search function and find the information you need immediately. 

Print Instantly

Unlike other companies who lock their pdf's to prevent printing you can print our digital manuals as muAll our digital manuals are printable. You can print just the pages you need or the entire manual. No worry if you lose or damage the manual - you can just print a new one!

Work Instantly

Download the manual, find the information you need and get back to work.

Digital manuals significantly reduce downtime caused by having to wait for the manual to arrive in the mail.  Digital manuals give you the power to have the information you need when you need it, and not a week after you need it.


As well as being able to download manuals directly from the internet you can also be shipped manuals by purchasing one of our add-ons. Add-ons are great if you have dial-up internet or if you prefer to have a back-up copy of your manual. Shipping is always free and shipped First-Cass from the USPS. If you need your manual sooner than that just let us know.


CD Add-on

CD Product Page

Buying a CD add-on is a good idea if you have slow internet, or would like a back-up copy of the manual.  Also included in the CD are all the software programs you might need in order to view the manual. Remember that even with the CD add-on you will still be able to download the manuals you purchased directly from the internet.


Flash Drive Add-on

Flash Drive Product Page

Buying a flash drive add-on has the same benefits of a CD. You can view it even if you have slow internet, it makes a good back-up, and it has all the software needed to view the manual. The great thing about the flash drives is that they are reusable. Remember that even with the flash drive add-on you will still be able to download the manuals you purchased directly from the internet.


Where is the Paper?

Currently we do not have offer paper manuals.  In the future we plan on offering this, but currently we do not have the funding or the technology to do this.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

If you absolutely must have a paper manual, remember that you can always print the manual off yourself or have it printed at a local print shop.  For more information read this page on how you can easily and cheaply print your own manuals.