International 1190 Mower - Conditioner - Operator's Manual

International 1190 Mower - Conditioner - Operator's Manual


This operator's manual is for the International 1190 Mower - Conditioner.  Over 60 pages of information on Operating, Maintenance, and more.

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  • Table of Contents

  • Manual Details

  • How FMF Works

  • Printing Tips



  • Connecting the Mower-Conditioner to the Tractor
  • Hitch Extension Bar
  • Hitch Safety Chain
  • Jack
  • Header Lift Hydraulic System
  • Before Operating the Mower Conditioner
  • Operational Check
  • Operating the Mower-Conditioner in the Field
  • Tongue Positioner
  • Swathing and Windrowing
  • Operating Speed
  • Float Adjustment
  • Reel Adjustment
  • Adjusting the Conditioner Rolls
  • Condtioner Rolls, Reel, and Knife Drives
  • Chain Guide
  • Cutting Height
  • Gauge Shoe
  • Pushover Bar and Tall Crop Dividers
  • Transport
  • Lateral Float Lockout


  • Replacing the Knife Drive Belt
  • Servicing the Mower Drive and Knife Head Assembly
  • Servicing the Cutter Bar and Knife
  • Gauge Shoe Repair
  • Wheels
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Tires
  • Hydraulic Hoses


  • Before Starting the Machine
  • After Storage


  • Center Gauging Shoe
  • Left Side Tall Crop Divider
  • Additional Tin Bars
  • Lateral Float Lockout
  • Hydraulic Tongue Positioner




  • Instructions for Moving Mower
  • Conditioner in Shipping Position
  • Standard Torque Data for
  • Metric Nuts and Bolts
  • Standard Torque Data for Inch Nuts
  • and Bolts-Newton Meters
  • Standard Torque Data for Inch Nuts
  • and Bolts Foot Pounds^
  • Standard Torque Data for
  • Hydraulic Tubes and Fittings
  • O-Rings
  • Uncrating the Mower Conditioner
  • Positioning the Mower-Conditioner
  • for Tongue Installation
  • Preparing the Mower-Conditioner for
  • Tongue and Propeller Shaft
  • Tongue and Propeller Shaft
  • Rope Control Tongue Positioner
  • Hydraulic Tongue Positioner
  • Jack, Telescoping Drive Line, Safety
  • Chain, and Hitch Extension Bar
  • Windrow Hood
  • Conditioner Roll Opening Arms

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Operator's Manual

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