John Deere 4400 and 4420 Combine "359 Diesel Engine Repair" - Technical Manual

John Deere 4400 and 4420 Combine "359 Diesel Engine Repair" - Technical Manual


This is the "359 Diesel Engine Repair" section from the John Deere 4400 and 4420 technical manual.

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This is the "359 Diesel Engine Repair" section from the John Deere 4400 and 4420 technical manual.

Table of Contents


  • Special Tools
  • Cylinder Head Specifications
  • Valve Lift and Valve Clearance
  • Specifications
  • Rocker Arm Assembly Specifications
  • Camshaft Specifications 
  • Timing Gear Train Specifications
  • Adjust Valve Clearance
  • Measure Valve Lift
  • Remove and Install Rocker Arm Cover
  • Remove Rocker Arm Assembly Pushrods
  • and Cam Followers
  • Inspect Pushrods
  • Disassemble and Inspect Rocker Arm
  • Assembly
  • Assemble Rocker Arm Assembly
  • Measure Cam Followers
  • Install Cam Followers Pushrods and
  • Rocker Arm Assembly
  • Remove Cylinder Head
  • Measure Valve Recession
  • Remove Valves
  • Cylinder Head Measurement
  • Removing Valve Seat
  • Installing Valve Seat 
  • Grind Valve Seat
  • Grind Valve
  • Measure Valve Spring Strength
  • Install Valve in Cylinder Head
  • Install Cylinder Head
  • Remove and Install Timing Gear Cover
  • Remove and Install Crankshaft Front
  • Oil Seal 
  • Remove Camshaft
  • Measure Camshaft 
  • Install Camshaft
  • Remove Timing Gear Train and Cylinder
  • Block Front Plate
  • Replacing Idler Gear Bushing
  • Replacing Idler Shaft
  • Install Cylinder Block Front Plate and Timing Gear Train


  • Special Tools
  • Cylinder Liner Specifications
  • Cylinder Block Specifications
  • Connecting Rod and Piston
  • Specifications
  • Measure Connecting Rod Clearance
  • Remove Connecting Rod and Piston 
  • Measure Crankshaft Rod Diameter
  • Measure Connecting Rod
  • Remove Piston Ring
  • Check Piston
  • Remove Piston From Rod
  • Measure Piston Pin
  • Replacing Piston Pin Bushing
  • Cleaning Piston
  • Remove Cylinder Liner 
  • Measure Piston Clearance
  • Deglaze Cylinder Liner and Clean
  • O-Ring Grooves
  • Clean Piston Cooling Orifice
  • Install Cylinder Liner and Block
  • Measure Cylinder Block
  • Select Piston Type
  • Install Connecting Rod and Piston


  • Special Tools
  • Crankshaft and Main Bearing
  • Specifications
  • Flywheel and Flywheel Housing
  • Specifications
  • Torsional Damper Specifications
  • Replace Torsional Damper 
  • Measure Crankshaft End Play
  • Measure Main Bearing Clearance
  • Remove Crankshaft and Main Bearing
  • Measure Crankshaft 
  • Replacing Crankshaft Gear
  • Remove Crankshaft Rear Wear Ring
  • Replacing Crankshaft Front Wear Ring
  • Install Crankshaft and Main Bearings
  • Remove Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal and Wear Ring
  • Install Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal and Wear Ring
  • Remove Flywheel and Flywheel Housing 
  • Replacing Flywheel Ring Gear 
  • Install Flywheel and Flywheel Housing


  • Special Tools
  • Oiling System Specifications
  • Oil Cooler Specifications
  • Remove and Install Oil Filter
  • Remove and Install Oil Cooler
  • Remove Oil Filter Nipple
  • Install Oil Filter Nipple
  • Remove and Install Dipstick Nipple
  • Remove and Install Oil Pan
  • Remove and Install Oil Bypass Valve
  • Remove and Install Oil Pressure
  • Regulating Valve and Seat
  • Remove Oil Pan and Oil Pump
  • Measure Oil Pump Parts
  • Install Oil Pump and Oil Pan


  • Special Tools
  • Water Pump Specifications
  • Thermostat Specifications
  • Remove Water Pump 
  • Disassemble Water Pump
  • Assemble Water Pump
  • Install Water Pump
  • Remove and Install Coolant Manifold
  • Remove Thermostat
  • Install Thermostat

4400 4420
John Deere
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Technical Manual, Service Manual

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