About Us


A 21st Century Solution for a 20th Century Problem

Farmers have been using operator's manuals for decades, and for decades farmers have been losing and destroying them. We blame this problem on one thing: Paper. Paper manuals work well for some things, but for farming they are a complete mess. They have a tendency of becoming damaged or destroyed (water, grease, mud, you name it) and they always seem to become misplaced right when you need one, but the biggest problem with paper manuals is that you only have one. If something happens to that manual it can be days or even weeks before you can get another manual.

We created Farm Manuals Fast so that farmers would no longer have to worry about not having the manual they needed. We scan every manual we come across and make it into a digital file that can be downloaded directly from the internet. By creating this digital archive of manuals we have made it possible for farmers to get the information they need with zero downtime, and get back into the fields. If a farmer must have a paper manual with them they can always print a copy from their digital manual.


The Farm Manuals Fast Foundation

We created the Farm Manuals Fast Foundation as a way of helping farmers in third world countries. For more information please check out its website at www.FarmManualsFast.org.