Caterpillar Hydraulic Scrapers

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This is the Operation and Maintenance Instructions for Caterpillar Hydraulic Scrapers.

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Serial Numbers 666 SCRAPER - 20Gl-UP 651 SCRAPER - 23G1-UP 632 SCRAPER - 79Fl-UP 660 SCRAPER - 18Gl-UP 650 SCRAPER - 22G1-UP 631 SCRAPER - 11 Gl-UP; 28Fl-UP 657 SCRAPER - 19G1-UP 641 SCRAPER - 80F1-UP; 70G1-UP 630 SCRAPER - 10G1-UP Table of Contents Lubrication Instructions General Lubricating Information Description of Lubricants Ball and Roller Bearing Lubricant Multipurpose-Type Gear Lubricant Lubrication Chart Operation Instructions Preparation for Use Controls Methods of Scraper Operation Operation During Highway Transportation Daily Care Tire Storage Maintenance Instructions Ejector Rollers Cutting Edge and Routing Bits Wheels Scraper Hydraulic System Care of the Hydraulic System Braking System Tires Shipping the Scraper Draft Arm Assembly Index Serial Number Location

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Operations and Maintenance Instructions