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Downloading Guide

Error: This file is corrupt or incomplete

I don't know how to open my manual

The download link for this manual has expired.

Something Else?

Error: This file is corrupt or incomplete

When you get a “corrupt or “incomplete” file error it means that the file was not fully downloaded onto your computer.

The problem is caused by either our websites servers or your internet connection. Below is an easy way to figure out which one is the problem.

Step 1: Download this test manual.

Were you able to view the test manual? Yes    No


Yes, I was able to download and view the test manual

It looks like it’s a problem on our end. Occasionally customers Internet Service Providers don't play well with our router layout and timeout.

Step 2: Contact us and let us know you are having problems. We can usually fix the problem quickly.


No, I was not able to download and view the test manual

If you were not able to view the manual above then it is most likely an issue with your internet speed. Don't worry though there are a few more things we can try out.

Step 2: If you have a working pdf viewer and you still cannot download your manual it is almost certainly due to your internet connection.

  • Try downloading the manual multiple times. Sometimes after a couple of tries you will be able to download it completely.
  • The best and quickest option is to find a faster internet connections. Places like public libraries, coffee shops, work, etc.



I don't know how to open my file

Most computers already have a PDF (Portable Document Format) viewer pre-installed, however some don't have one you can (for free) download and install a pdf viewer to your computer. Below are a couple available options:

  • Adobe Reader - The most popular PDF viewer, Adobe Reader is usually already installed on most computers.
  • Foxit Reader- Foxit Reader is a lightweight PDF viewer and is the software we use at Farm Manuals Fast.


The download link for this manual has expired.

For security reasons the download url given to you when you purchased the manual will only be usable for 240 hours. If the time limit has expired on your manual and you still need to download it let us know using the contact page and we will generate a new link.

When filling out the form make sure to select the "Download Time Limit Expired" topic from the drop-down menu.


Something Else?

We are here to help, please fill out the contact form here. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can help.