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Ford TW-10, TW-20, and TW-30 Manual

Ford TW-10, TW-20, and TW-30 Manual This product is on sale

Product Description

This operator's manual is for the Ford TW-10, TW-20, and TW-30 tractors.

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Table of Contents

International Symbols
Safety Precautions
Controls and Instruments

  • General information
  • Instrument panel gauges and indicator lights
  • Switches, electric controls and lights
  • Engine controls
  • Clutch, transmission, parking brake and differential lock controls
  • Brake controls
  • Cab controls
  • Cab doors, windows and mirrors
  • Power take-off and hydraulic controls
  • Front wheel drive


  • Break in procedures
  • Starting the engine
  • Stopping the engine
  • Driving the tractor
  • Lift linkage and drawbar
  • Attaching equipment
  • Operating the hydraulic lift system
  • Operating remote control valves
  • Operating the power take-off
  • Operating the differential lock
  • Front axle tread width
  • Rear wheel tread settings
  • Vehicle weighting
  • Tire inflation

Lubrication and Maintenance

  • Lubrication and maintenance chart
  • Fuels, fuel storage and refueling
  • Lubricants
  • Lubrication and maintenance service intervals and procedures
  • General maintenance
  • Yowing Ihe tractor
  • Storing the tractor

Safety Decals
Pre-Delivery and 50 Hour Service

Product Information

TW-10, TW-20, and TW-30
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Manual Type:
Operator's Manual