John Deere 2440 and 2640 Tractor Manual

John Deere 2440 and 2640 Tractor Manual This product is on sale

Product Description

This is the operators manual for the John Deere 2440 and 2640 tractor. 

Two manuals for the price of one! Each manual covers a different range of serial numbers. This means you won't have to waste time finding the specific manual for your serial number - at least one of these manuals is guaranteed to work for your machine.

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Table of Contents

  • Safety
  • Controls and Instruments
  • Operator's Station
  • Engine Break-in
  • Prestarting Checks
  • Operating the Engine
  • Operating the Tractor
  • Rockshaft and Three-Point Hitch
  • Remote Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Drawbar and PTO
  • Ballast
  • Wheels, Tires, and Tread
  • Transporting
  • Lighting and Signals
  • Fuels and Lubricants
  • Lubrication and Maintenance
  • Service
  • Storage
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Specifications
  • Index
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Lubrication and Maintenance Record

Product Information

154 and 82 pages
2440 and 2640
John Deere
Manual Type:
Operator's Manual