John Deere 430 and 530 Round Balers Manual

John Deere 430 and 530 Round Balers Manual This product is on sale

  • Additional pictures of the John Deere 430 and 530 Round Balers Manual.
  • Additional pictures of the John Deere 430 and 530 Round Balers Manual.
  • Additional pictures of the John Deere 430 and 530 Round Balers Manual.

Product Description

This operator's manual is for the John Deere 430 and 530 round hay baler. These manuals are designed to help you operate and service your baler. They are filled with helpful pictures, diagrams, and information.

This is actually two operator's manuals for the price of one. The first manual covers models with serial numbers (000000-680000) the second manual covers (680001-). The great thing about buying this bundle is that you don't have to worry about purchasing the wrong manual for your 430 or 530 baler. At least one of these manuals will work for your baler.

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Table of Contents


Preparing the Tractor

Preparing the Baler

  • Selecting Twine
  • Loading Twine Box
  • Tying Sheet Bend Knot -Plastic Twine
  • Tying Modified Square Knot -Sisal Twine
  • Routing Twine Through Guides
  • Threading Twine Arm Tension Plate
  • Tire Inflation

Attaching and Detaching


Operating the Baler

  • Crop Preparation
  • Baling Short, Dry, Slick Crops
  • Baling Cornstalks
  • Baling Wet Hay
  • BALE-TRAK® Monitor
  • How The Baler Forms a Bale
  • Breaking-in
  • Forming a Bale
  • Gate Lock Valve
  • Recycling Twine Arm
  • Wrapping a Small Bale
  • Wrapping an Oversize Bale
  • Rotating Baler By Hand
  • Adjusting Pickup Height
  • Adjusting Converging Wheel Height
  • Adjusting Bale Size
  • Adjusting Twine Spacing
  • Bale Density Gauge
  • Adjusting Bale Density
  • Adjusting Compressor Rack Assembly
  • Unplugging Baler With Hydraulic Pickup Lift
  • Unplugging Baler Under Power
  • Operating Twine Arm With Empty Baler
  • Removing Compressor Rack Assembly
  • Installing Compressor Rack Assembly


Lubrication and Maintenance



  • Bolt Torque Charts
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Bale Tension and Gate Hydraulic System
  • Adjusting Chains
  • Adjusting Drive Slip Clutch
  • Adjusting Belt Tension Springs
  • Adjusting Gate Latch
  • Checking Belt Tracking
  • Adjusting Belt Tracking
  • Adjusting Lower Feed Roll Scraper
  • Adjusting Bale Size Indicator
  • Replacing Tension Wear Channel
  • Adjusting Twine Valve Trip Rod (430)
  • Adjusting Twine Valve Trip Rod (530)
  • Adjusting Twine Trip Rod and Valve Latch Clearance
  • Checking Pump Drive Latch Adjustment
  • Adjusting Twine Cutter Anvil
  • Adjusting Twine Arm Return (430)
  • Adjusting Twine Cutter Tension
  • Adjusting Gate Latch Stop
  • Adjusting Gate Latch Switch (Green Light)
  • Adjusting Twine Arm Switch (Solid Yellow Light)
  • Adjusting Flashing Yellow Light Switch
  • Adjusting Oversize Bale Switch (Red Light)
  • Adjusting Bale Shape Senders
  • Adjusting Pickup Float Springs
  • Adjusting Pickup Belt Idler
  • Removing Center and Rear Tension Arm Rolls
  • Installing Orifice in Tractors With Low Hydraulic Flow
  • Priming Twine Hydraulic Pump
  • Raising Gate With Hoist
  • Twine Arm Timing (430)
  • Twine Arm Timing (530)
  • Checking Belt Pins
  • Installing Belts
  • Repairing Belts


Crime Prevention Tips




Product Information

130 pages and 150 pages
430 and 530 (All serial numbers)
John Deere
Manual Code:
OM-E75045 and OM-E73768
Manual Type:
Operator's Manuals