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Massey Ferguson 9 Baler Manual

Massey Ferguson 9 Baler Manual This product is on sale

Product Description

This operator's manual is for Massey Ferguson 9 balers. This manual contains infromation on troubleshooting, timing, and more.

Attention: We were unable to locate an original MF-9 operator's manual to scan, so we were forced to use a photocopied version. Due to this some of the photos are darker than if it were a scan of an original manual. To make up for this we have reduced the price.

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Massey Ferguson 9 Baler Manual
Massey Ferguson 9 Baler Manual

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Table of Contents


  • Lubrication
  • Maintenance


  • Preparing Tractor
  • Attaching Baler to Tractor
  • Preparing the Baler
  • Packer Fork Positioning
  • Preparing Twine Balls
  • Threading Needles
  • Starting the Baler
  • Stopping the Baler
  • Field Operating Information
  • Operating Adjustments
  • Shear Bolts
  • PTO Slip Clutch
  • Chain Adjustment
  • Packer Relief Spring Length
  • Packer Crank Timing
  • Packer Finger - Plunger Timing
  • Tripping the Knotter
  • Needle Brake
  • Swing Frame Brake
  • Plunger Safety Stop
  • Knotter Assembly Adjustments
  • Needle Adjustments
  • Twine Finger
  • Twine Holder Disc
  • Twine Holder
  • Knotter Hook
  • Twine Knife
  • Stripper Arm
  • Twine Tension
  • Knotter Difficulties


  • Plunger Runner Adjustment
  • Shear Knife Adjustment
  • Shear Knife and Vertical Plunger
  • Shear Knife Sharpening
  • Twine Knife Sharpening
  • Baler Storage


  • Jack Stand
  • Pick-Up Skid Shoe
  • Swing Wagon Hitch
  • Bale Loading Chute
  • Pick-Up Sprocket - 26-Tooth
  • Pick-Up Slip Clutch
  • Hay Wedges
  • Bale Retarders
  • Quarter Turn Bale Counter
  • Bale Counter
  • Dual Wheel Kit
  • Crankshaft Safety Shield
  • Flywheel Safety Shield
  • Bale Thrower
  • Implement Safety Lamp
  • Hydraulic Bale Tension Control


Product Information

MF 9
Manual Type:
Operator's Manual