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Massey Ferguson Super 90 and Super 90 WR Tractor Manual

Massey Ferguson Super 90 and Super 90 WR Tractor Manual This product is on sale

Product Description

This is the operator's manual for the Massey Ferguson Super 90 and Super 90 WR gas and diesel tractor.

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Table of Contents


  • Instruments and Controls
  • PTO Clutch
  • Multi-Power Transmission
  • Differential Lock (Optional)
    • Starting the Engine
    • Starting Gasoline Tractors
  • Starting Diesel Tractors
  • Observing the Instruments
  • Driving the Tractor
  • Attaching Hydraulic System Implements
  • Raising and Transporting Implements
  • Operating the Internal Hydraulic System
  • Operating the External Hydraulic
  • Control Valve
  • Connecting the External Cylinders to the Auxiliary Control Valve
  • Power Take-Off
  • Standard Drawbar
  • Wheel Tread Widths
  • Liquid-Filling the Tires
  • Tractor Storage
  • Towing the Tractor


  • Lubrication
  • Regular Maintenance Operations
  • Multi-Power Clutch Pedal Adj


  • Servicing the Diesel Engine and Its Systems
    • Air Bleeding the Fuel System
    • Replacing the Fuel Filter Elements
    • Adjusting Low Idle Speed
    • Removing and Cleaning the Engine
    • Oil Sump Screen
    • Electrical System (Diesel Tractors)
  • Servicing the Gasoline Engine and Its Systems
    • Carburetor Adjustments
    • Electrical System
    • Engine Timing
  • Air System
  • Adjusting Fan Belt
  • Clutch Pedal Free-Play Std Trans
  • Brake Linkage Adjustment
  • Repacking Front Wheel Bearings
  • Front Wheel Alignment
  • Cleaning the Hydraulic Pump Intake
  • Strainer
  • Cleaning the Power Steering Pump Strainer
  • Replacing the Power Steering Oil Filter



Product Information

90 and 90WR
Massey Ferguson
Manual Type:
Operator's Manual