Vermeer Model 605D Baler - Operator's and Parts Manual

Vermeer Model 605D Baler - Operator's and Parts Manual This product is on sale

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Product Description

This is the operator's manual including parts list for the Vermeer model 605D round baler.

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Table of Contents

Baler Introductions

Safety Instructions

Vermeer History

Operating Instructions

  • Preparing the Hay for Baling
  • Preparing Your Baler to Bale
  • Customer Pre-Starting Check List for Baler
  • Starting to Bale
  • Proper Bale Storage
  • Taking Care of Your Baler
  • Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Return of Parts
  • 'When Ordering Parts

Service and Maintenance Section

Baler Construction - Adjustment and Maintenance

  • Axle Assembly
  • Tongue - Hith - Twine Tube Assembly
  • Drive Mechanism
  • Baler Chains - Sprockets - Pickup
  • Baler - Belt Drive Rollers - Belt Tension Arms
  • Bearings
  • Belts
  • Hydraulics

Lubrication Instructions

  • Lubrication Intervals


Tongue Assembly Torque Limiter Assembly

Twine Cutter Assembly

Main Frame Assembly

Upper Chain Tigtener Assembly

Lower Chain Tightener Assembly

Lower Drive Assembly

Upper Belt Drive Assembly

Presser Roller Assembly

Bottom Roller Assembly

Belt Tightener Assembly

Axle Assembly

Tail Gate Assembly

Pickup Assembly

Pickup Belt Tightener Assembly

Pickup Lift Assembly

Hose and Cylinder Assembly

U-Joint Drive Assembly

Gear Box Assembly

Gresen DXV-38 Cusion Valve Components Assembly

2 1/2"x 22"Prince Cylinder Components Assembly

Shields Assembly

Decals Assembly

HM-27 Selector Valve Components Assembly

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Operator's Manual and Parts List