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Deutz Fahr D6807C, D7207C, and D7807C Tractor Manual

Deutz Fahr D6807C, D7207C, and D7807C Tractor Manual This product is on sale

Product Description

This is the operator's manual for the Deutz-Fahr D6807C, D7207C, and D7807C tractor.  For the non "C" version please see this page.

This manual contains information on operating, adjusting, maintaining and troubleshooting for your Deutz Fahr tractor.

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Table of Contents

  • Safety provisions
  • Tractor models and variants
  • Routine checking 
  • Tractor operation, driver's seat 
  • Cab, cab comfort 
  • Controls and instruments 
  • Starting of engine 
  • Takeoff 
    • Up-shifting, down-shifting
    • Steering brake, differential lock, front wheel drive 
    • Stopping of tractor, stopping the engine, leaving the tractor
  • Engine exhaust air and additional heater
    • Working with tractor and implements
    • Trailer hitch, mechanical and automatic
    • Drawbar, lifting height limiting device, swinging drawbar
  • Coupling of implements 
    • Prevention of accidents, PTO shaft operation 
    • Universal shaft
    • PTO shaft 540 min-1, PTO shaft 1000 min-1
    • Control of implements
    • Control elements of the hydraulic control system
    • Control function 
    • Auxiliary control valve, remote connections
    • Three-point coupler
  • Track adjustment, ballast
  • Service and maintenance
    • Bleeding of fuel lines
    • Adjusting and resetting work, electrical system
  • Engine trouble shooting chart
  • Technical data 
  • Alphabetical index 
    • Electrical circuit diagrams

Product Information

D6807C, D7207C, and D7807C
Deutz Fahr
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Operator's Manual