General FAQs

We do not sell paper manuals - you can print our digital manuals yourself though! There are actually a lot of reasons why digital manuals are better than paper manuals. Read them all here!
Yes! There are many benefits to to having a digital manual. Including:
  • Instant - You don't have to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail.
  • Printable - Print it off yourself or at a local print shop.
  • Impossible to Lose - Always have an online download.
  • Affordable - Cheaper than buying paper
For a full list of benefits and an example manual you can download please see this page.
Yes! You can print out the entire manual or just the pages you need. If you lose or damage the manual you can always print a new one. For tips on printing please see our printing manuals page.
Don't worry! There are many options if you don't own a printer.
  • Use a printer from your local library - Many public libraries allow you to use their computers and high speed internet to print documents for a nominal fee.
  • Use a printer from your local print shop - See if you have a local USP Store or print shop.
  • Skip the printer entirely - If you own a smartphone you don't even need to print anything the manual can be viewed right from your phone.
Yes! While having slow internet will take longer to download initially it should not be a limiting factor in buying digital manuals. Try downloading our test manual. If that works then you should be fine. Another option is that most public libraries have computers with free access to high speed internet. You can also typically print documents at the library for a small fee. 
If you have a laptop or cell phone we also recommend using the high speed internet at most coffee shops.
We accept most forms of payment. For the most up to date list please see our payments page.
Downloading FAQs


Since we sell digital manuals the only time you will receive something in the mail is if:

  • One of the manuals you purchased stated that you would be shipped a copy of the manual for free

If this applies to you and you have not received anything in the mail seven days after the purchase please let us know using our contact page.


After you complete your purchase you will be sent an email with the subject line “Order #xxxxx confirmed”. Inside that email will be a link to your downloads.

If you can't find the email try these three solutions:

  1. Recover order email  - Go to this link  and type the email you used for purchase. Our system will re-send any downloads associated with that email.
  2. Check your spam folder -  The email may have accidentally been filtered into your junk/ spam box.
  3. Check your other email accounts -  You may have accidentally used your work email instead of a personal email, or an old email address.

If you are still having issues please contact us via our contact page.

Please check out our troubleshooting page. If that doesn't help please contact us.
You will always be able to download your purchases. Due to security reasons the download links emailed to you will only last for 90 days. After that you will need to contact us using our contact form. Typically we will be able to send you a new download link in just a few hours.
Other FAQs

Yes! Our payment processor accepts payments from all countries. If you have problems with your payment please contact us using our contact form.
Currently due to our small staff we do not offer phone support. We've found contacting us via email or contact form works best as it gives us more information and lets us fix the problem. It also makes it much easier to send URL links, files, et cetera.
If you've explored the above links but find you still need to get in touch with us you can contact us via our contact page.

Most questions are answered in less than four hours - seven days a week. Occasionally if there is a holiday it may take 24-48 hours. If it has been over one day and you have not yet received a response from us first check your spam folder and then try contacting us again using the contact form above. Make certain that when you type your email address into the form it is the correct spelling.