International 37 and 47 Baler Manual

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This is the operator's manual for International Harvester model 37 and 47 hay balers. This is just what you need if your baler is broken and you need to fix it fast.

This is actually two manuals for the price of one. One manual is for the earlier produced balers and the second manual is for the later produced balers. Don't worry about getting the correct manual for your baler one of these manuals is guranteed to work for your baler.

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International 37 and 47 Baler Manual
International 37 and 47 Baler Manual
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Table of Contents

Preparing Your Baler For Work

  • General
  • Hitching
  • Operational Check
  • Safety Devices
    • Friction Drive
    • Overrunning Clutch
    • Pickup Slip Clutch
    • Plunger Stop
    • Shear Bolts
  • Threading the Tying Mechanism for the Twine Baler
  • Threading the Wire Twisting Mechanism for the Wire Baler

Operation Of Your Baler

  • Bale Chamber Tension
  • Bale Length
  • Bale Weight
  • Combination Bale Turner and Bale Chamber Extension
  • Operation Speed
  • Packer Fingers
  • Pickup Balance Spring
  • Pickup Cover
  • Pickup Drive
  • Pickup Feed Auger
  • Pickup Height
  • Pickup Lift Rope
  • Pickup Wheel Attachment
  • Plunger Crank Shield

Care of Your Baler

  • Central Lubrication System
  • Disk Timing for Twine Baler
  • Feeder
    • Auger
    • Cross Conveyor Platform
    • Packer Fingers
    • V-Belt Drive
  • Knotter Hook Tension for Twine Baler
  • Needle Clearance Over Stripper Finger
  • Needle Height for Twine Baler
  • Needle Height for Wire Baler
  • Needle Replacement for Twine Baler
  • Needle Replacement for Wire Baler
  • Pickup
    • Hay Stripper Fingers
    • Spring Teeth
  • Plunger Adjusting Slide Block
  • Plunger Knife Clearance
  • Sharpening Plunger and Stationary Knives
  • Sharpening the Twine Knife for the Twine Baler
  • Shimming Plunger Upper Right Block
  • Timing the Baler
  • Wire Disk
    • Sharpening Wire Shear Knife
    • Wire Disk Timing
  • Wire Stripper


Special Equipment

  • 10 Bale Thrower
  • Engine Automatic Shut-off Device (Wire Baler)
  • Flywheel and Belt Shield (Wisconsin Engine)
  • Flywheel and Knuckle Shield
  • Hydraulic Bale Chamber Tension Device
  • Left Dual Wheel Attachment
  • Lifiting Jack Attachment
  • Right Dual Wheel Attachment
  • Safety Lighting
  • THD Wisconsin Engine Attachment
  • Trailer Hitch and Bale Chute Attachment
  • Trailer Hitch and Bale Chute Attachment
  • VH4D Wisconsin Engine Attachment

Finding Trouble (Trouble Shooting)



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60 pages and 66 pages
37 and 47
International Harvester
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Operator's Manual