Case Moldboard Plow Bottoms - Parts Catalog

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This is the parts catalog for some very old case plows. The complete list of models covered is below.

  • BX12, BX14, BX16
  • CX12, CX14, CX16
  • CXI8, RH and LH
  • CXM12, CXM14, CXM16
  • DPI 4, DPI6
  • DX14, DX16
  • EX12, EX14, EX16
  • EXC14, EXC16
  • EXC14 LH, EXC16 LH
  • EXD14RH, EXD16RH
  • EXD14 LH, EXD16 LH
  • EXF14RH, EXF16RH
  • EXH12 EXH14, EXH16
  • EXHM12, EXHM14, EXHM16
  • EXHS14, EXHS16
  • EXM12, EXM14, EXM16
  • EXR12, EXR14, EXR16
  • EXS14, ESX16:(Slat)
  • EXT14, EXT16 7
  • F12, F14, F16
  • FH14, FH16
  • FS12, FS14, FS16
  • FSS12E, FSS14E
  • GE10 (Scotch)
  • G12 (Scotch)
  • HCX14, IICX16
  • HDX16
  • KX10, KX12, KX14
  • KXM12, KXM14
  • LSX12, LSX14, (Slat)
  • MSX12, MSX14, MSX16 (Slat)
  • SCX12, SCX14, SCX16
  • SHCX12, SHCX14, SHCX16
  • SP12, SP14
  • SX12, SX14, SX16 (Slat)
  • TACX14, TACX16, RH and LH
  • TABX14, RH and LH
  • TEX14 R H and TEX16 RH
  • TEX14LH and TEX16 L H
  • TSCX14, TSCX16RH and LH
  • TSX14 RH and TSX16 RH
  • TSX14 LH and TSX16 LH
  • Share List
  • "E" Shares
  • "EE" Shares
  • Regular Plow Shapes
  • EXA14" and EXA16"
  • EXB14" and EXB16"
  • EXE14" and EXE16"
  • Trashboard
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