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This is the I&T shop service manual for the Ford NAA tractor. Over 40 pages jammed full of information, it's a great substitute if you don't have the operator's manual, and a great supplement if you do have the operator's manual.

The model NAA Ford tractor was introduced during the 50th year of the Ford Motor Company so is generally referred to as the "Golden Jubilee" model. The hood emblem of model NAA tractors manufactured in 1953 bear the legend "GOLDEN JUBILEE;" the legend being eliminated from the hood emblem of NAA tractors manufactured in 1954.

Tractor Serial Number is stamped on transmission housing to rear of starting motor except on early production units (prior to tractor Serial Number 22239) which have the tractor Serial Number stamped on right side of engine block. Ford tractors have no separate engine Serial number.

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